Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rehab Mixtape (GEO DA PRINCE)

Monday, August 11, 2014

FAME (JamesBondMusic)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Featured Artist: STRUC SUPREME

STRUC SUPREME is like a HIP-HOP superhero minus the cape and tights. One of the premier underground artist representing the city of Atlanta. Here to save true listeners and fans from today’s watered down wanna-be’s in the HIP-HOP industry. With a style some have called “Supremium” , STRUC SUPREME has nothing on his mind but to be successful and revitalize the music industry. His drive, lyrical touch, and fascinating stage presence is unmatched. This is how the name STRUC SUPREME was created. STRUC SUPREME’s influences range from Bobby Blue Bland and Bobby Brown to Atlanta’s own Outkast and T.I. Struck by the feeling of music, STRUC SUPREME was impelled to deliver his own style structured in a quote by the late great Bob Marley “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” From the poetic flow pattern, original lyrics, and occasional punch-lines over heavy bass hard hitting tracks the jects and burbs collide bringing you his most recent LP “TURN UP”. An independent project fueled by the infectious singles “Turn Up” and “Drop It has already recieved great reviews and over 1,000views. You become intrigued by STRUC SUPREME’s songwriting ability. You cannot ignore the catchy hooks or deny the fact STRUC SUPREME has talent. You may ask the question “What makes STRUC SUPREME so supreme?” Is it his way with words or his tenacious delivery? Is it the high or superior quality of his performance? Is it the persistence to set a new pinnacle? You decide, either way STRUC SUPREME is not just an artist, it’s a lifestyle.
STRUC SUPREME has been featured on Coast2Coast Mixtape ATL editition, won Gold medal for "Best Music Video" TURN UP by Beats100, Headliner for the Beats&Lyrics Concert Series in June 2013, Top 100 Hip-Hop/Rap artist on Reverbnation, Multiple plays on Jango and spotify radio, and is scheduled to release a new mixtape with SURIUS RADIO/ SHADY45 DJ YoungCee intitled 'TURF WARZ" later this summer 2013.

Featured Artist: Tha Message

Tha MESSAGE is no stranger to struggle, born into a blue collar family with a long line of field and mill workers. His father a diesel mechanic worked long hours and many different shifts to support his mother and him. His mother worked different jobs throughout the years but due to her bouts with Bi-polar made it difficult to hold down a job. Throughout his youth he moved many times being forced to try to fit in he was often teased about his weight among other thing such as his own struggle with being bi-polar and ADHD. His family eventually settled in in his fathers' home state of Idaho, after moving from his native state of North Carolina and then Arizona prior to his move to the Northwest. Tha MESSAGE began his love affair with music after his grandmother passed away, she was a published author and passed before she could see her first book published. He made the promise to himself to take on her legacy and to continue working through his words just like she had, he started simply by writing poetry and then that transitioned into rhyme. In 2003 after receiving his first portable Cd player and a rap Cd he was inspired by the tracks he heard, he soon found that hip hop could speak to him and soothe his soul. So he started the slow but steady journey into becoming one of the best artists in his state. Before he knew it his headphones became as familiar to him as any part of his body, he would often spend hours closed up in his room listening to his favorite rappers and writing his own rhymes along to their songs. Soon after having a string of conflicts with his principal and school staff he dropped out to pursue a career in music. Around that same time his family had lost their home, and he found out that his mother had secretly become a meth addict which further intensified the conflicts within his home life. Thus his music became his only release, his mother surprised him with his first piece of recording equipment. An ancient karaoke machine with dual tape recorders and a 20 dollar microphone from radio shack. After that it was magic, he started recording on any beat he could find even holding his mic up to speakers to record a beat to cut a track on. As his skills progressed so did his knowledge, being a self taught artist he soon learned of the ability to record on software. So he upped his game, spreading like wild fire across the Northwest scene through use of social networking and word to mouth and as time progressed he began to develop his persona. He first chose the name MESSAGE because he felt as if his music served a purpose, he wanted to spread a message of hope or awareness to the masses all while delivering lyrics that everyone on the struggle can relate to.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

247 Featured Artist: Jamal Plummer

 Jamal Plummer was born on November 19, 1992 in Washington D.C. At the age of four, Jamal knew that he and music were meant to be.
With his high school choir members, Jamal traveled to Italy and sang at the Vatican. He also worked on his music outside of school writing lyrics, concocting beats, and inventing dance moves to accompany his songs. Not only did he have a great voice, but he writes, he choreographs, and he acts. He also sang for countless occasions including weddings, funerals, church events, the annual MLK program at Lord Fairfax Community College, etc. Jamal's high school choir’s trip to Boston convinced him that he was going to be an asset to Berkelee College of Music. He was elated when he received an acceptance letter to the school.
However, his plans changed and now he attends to a local college. While his mixtape debuts in the near future, he patiently waits for time and chance to merge to jumpstart his musical legacy. When it does, the world will not be able to contain his vision, nor stop him on the road to his dream.